When should we submit the application? How can we get an application form?

Applications will be accepted starting from January to March every year. Application form and relevant information will be posted on the Fund webpage under “Applications” and on the Fund Facebook page (

Is there a limit on the total cost of the project? Are there any restrictions on the ratio of salary to the total amount of expenditure?

There is no limit or restrictions on the cost of the project. The total amount of expenditure and salary can be set at a reasonable amount according to the needs of the project.

Can we submit multiple applications?

Yes. Each applicant may submit an unlimited number of applications. Should there be a Priority List (last page of the application form) for more than one project proposal, the List and the applications concerned should be submitted altogether by the applicant or via the parent organization, as appropriate.

After submitting the application, when will we be informed for the application result?

If the information submitted by the organization is complete and clear, after the review of Screening Committee and the approval of the Board of Trustees, a written notice will be issued to the organization within six months after the application deadline.

How can we accept the grant?

If you receive a grant notice, please read the attached “Conditions for use of CWM/Nethersole Fund Grant” carefully and fill in the “Reply Slip of the Acceptance of Grant”, email and post it back to the Fund Secretariat. Payment of grant for the local project is effected in the form of a crossed cheque while the Mainland China project is through automatic transfer/telegraph transmission.

When can we receive the grant?

In general, the date of release of grant is based on the required date written on the application form. The earliest batch of grant will be released on October and the latest batch will be released on March of the next year.

When should the project be commenced?

The project should be commenced within 3 months from the date of disbursement of the grant. If there are any difficulties to carry out the project as scheduled, a written request for postponing the date of commencement or completion of the project should be submitted promptly to the Secretariat for approval.

Is it possible to change the person-in charge, theme, purpose or content of the project?

Any revision to the themes/objectives and/or contents of a project intended after approval of funds must be submitted promptly to the Secretariat for approval before implementation. 

Do we have to acknowledge the Fund in promotional materials/publishing/events?

No. The source of funding (CWM/Nethersole Fund) should be acknowledged in the annual report/audited financial statements of the project.

When should we submit the report?
  Types of Reports Submission Time
1 Brief Report After 3 months of commencement of the new project
2 Interim Report*

After every 12 months

(the project lasts for over a year)

3 Evaluation Report*

Within 3 months of completion of the project 

(signed by the head, the secretary or treasurer of the organization)

* The report should be submitted with a statement of accounts and return any un-spent balance of the grant to the Fund.

Is there a specific format for the report?

Yes, the format and content of the report will be sent by the Secretariat in due course.

Does the statement of accounts required to be issued by an auditor and audited independently?

There is no requirement that the statement of accounts must be issued by an auditor. However, a copy of the annual report and the audited financial statements of the organization for the year, in which the project is conducted, should be submitted to the Secretariat as soon as available. 

Do the receipts of the project expenditure be attached in the report?

In general, it is not necessary to submit the receipts to the Secretariat but please file properly as the Fund reserves the right to check the receipts.

Can we meet with the Trustees or staffs of the Secretariat?

In order to understand more about the subsidized organizations and projects, the Fund Trustees and staffs of the Secretariat pay visits regularly. As there are numbers of subsidized organizations every year, the Fund will continue visiting different organizations. 

Are there any others ways to have a better understanding of the work of the Fund?

Except this website and the Fund Facebook page (, you may learn more about the Fund’s work through the Fund’s introduction video.